How to Make a Website without any coding skills

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking some time out of your tough schedule to visit this page. 

Well, as we are all aware Covid-19 forced businesses to move online therefore it is high time for Web Developers to generate a handsome amount.

Today, Everyone wants to do freelance specifically students and those people who lost their jobs during the Pandemic, most of them are facing one major hurdle in starting freelance that they do not have the proper skill to offer.

There are a lot of skills that you can learn online and start earning but the problem is each skill requires a good amount of time to get expertise, interestingly we do not have that much time to start our earning. Haha! Matlab paise banane hain and sekhne ka time bhi nae hai. 😀

Don’t worry, my 5+ years of experience taught me some effective shortcuts to master a Web Development skill in no time and start earning. So, if you came on this page for that shortcuts then welcome, finally you landed on the right place.

So, in this tutorial, I will teach you “How to Make a Website without any Coding Skills”. Yes! you heard it right. You can make a website without any coding skills and it will take you hardly a day or two to master it. 

If, you do not like to read and like to watch videos as most of us do then stop here and start watching the following WordPress Tutorial for Beginners.

I have divided this tutorial into 14 chapters/videos so let’s start step by step!

For that, we will use one of the most popular frameworks “WordPress” which is the framework of PHP. This is all you need to know about WordPress for now.

I am intentionally avoiding diving into technical terms because most of my audience which I assume are those who are not from the computer field, so I do not want to make this tutorial a complex one, unlike others.

So, long story short we will be using WordPress Framework in this tutorial.

On Fiverr, people are charging 8K, 12K, and 20K Pakistani Rupees for one page WordPress Website and you know it takes hardly 20 minutes to 40 minutes to develop one page WordPress website. 

Let’s do some calculations. So, initially, if you charge 4K for one page WordPress website and you complete 10 Projects, you earn 40K. So, how much will you earn on the completion of 50 projects? Yeah! 200,000 PKR! 

I would highly like to bring the greatest myth to your notice, people say it is not easy to get projects on the freelance market while I say you only have to struggle for your first project. Once you get your first project then others will come themselves.

Tip: You can watch Sir. Hisham Sarwars’ videos on Freelancing!

So, long story short your earnings may vary from 4K to 200K or more!

Free Bonus

Download one of the most important Paid WordPress plugins free of cost.

This blog is still under process, I will keep updating it as we move on if you have any queries then please ask in the comments section.

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Kubra Jamil

Amazing work from Your Side.Lucky are those who are learning from this platform….Keep it up


Thank you for opening this tutorial I appreciate you giving your students who had left the course a chance to again start learning .

You loyal student

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