Classification of Computers

Computers can be classified into several categories. 

Super Computers

  • Most Powerful Computers
  • Largest Computers of all
  • Can house thousands of Processors & can handle needs of thousands of users at a time.
  • Designed for solving very large & complex problems.
  • Uses of Super Computers
  • Weather Forecasting, Military, Scientific Research Labs etc.

Mainframe Computers

  • Often referred to as Macro computers or Big Iron
  • They were very large but smaller & less powerful than the Super Computers.
  • Mainly used by large Organizations.
  • Early mainframes were housed in room-sized frames/metal boxes.
  • Buy today’s mainframes are smaller than that of early mainframes.

Mini Computers

  • Smaller and less powerful than mainframe computers but still they can offer huge processing capabilities.
  • They usually took up one or a few cabinets the size of a large refrigerator.


  • Microcomputers are so called because they contain a microprocessor occupy physically small amounts of space.
  • Can be used by a single person at a time which is why also known as Personal Computers (PCs).
  • There are six categories of microcomputers: (1) Desktop Computers (2) Workstations (3) Notebooks (4) Tablet PCs (5) Handheld (6) Smart Phones
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